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Intro and my dream last night

Hi there!

I'm in Central Florida, and [Bad username: failing angel] recommended this community to me after I posted in my own LJ about my dream last night.

Here's a bit of context: I'm shopping for a car right now, I have a good idea about what I want and a positive revulsion for manipulative salespeople. Also, I watched the 1995 Rob Roy film last week.

The Dream

I'm test-driving a strange vehicle. I'm trying to figure out what it is while 6 people in the car including my boyfriend are trying to convince me it's great. I can't see out the windshield and the car smells putrid. As I'm looking around I see graying ribs where the side windows should be, and the instruments and seats are all comprised of organs. Suddenly it occurs to me I am driving the rotting carcass of a Scottish highland cow, the kind with long hair and horns. I am disgusted that the salesmen talked me into this.

At that point the dream changed to something else and I forgot what happened next. I just remember waking up in the night thinking 'damn, that was odd.'
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