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Collection of dreams

I’m with a friend, at some intersection of the DLR and tube (but oddly, neither Bank nor Stratford). There’s a lass there, she’s Chinese (I seem to know this instinctively) and is wearing a short grey dress. She needs help, she is lost, trying to find her way somewhere; I give her directions but then offer to lend her a hand with her luggage. From the outset I’m absolutely smitten, not least because she is stunning. I escort her to where she needs to go and drop her off. I think we arrange to meet again, but it transpires that her father forbids me from seeing her again.


I’m at Showcase, but it’s not actually the shop – instead it’s more labyrinthine, and the backroom is bigger. Showcase has just closed, or is about to do so[1], Cliff (the manager/2IC) meets with a customer who wants to sell us (or us to sell on his behalf) a collection of toy soldiers & lead miniatures. Amongst this collection are various figures that I am either looking for, or ones that would be useful to me. The last thing I remember is that I am examining a few of them.


I’m back in my hometown with my bother, his wife, and her kids. There’s something else that happens, but I can’t remember it. However, we are in two cars taking the kids to school (my own old school as it happens). The two cars somehow get split up, and despite the fact that the route is easy, and we all know the way, there is a worry that the other car is lost. We are first to arrive at the school, and curiously the second driver is with us. We await the second car, and when it does turn up, the structure is different – there is a sense of crispy beef strips – not specifically being made from it, but it is an impression made in my mind’s eye.


Just a short dream:
We are at Sainsbury’s (both my parents and I), we’re shopping for food for Christmas. Dad is getting fed up (quite strange, as he always did the shopping). The store is bigger than the one back home, we get our provisions. I head out and grab some nibbles.
Not a terribly deep or strange dream (bar the presence of my father), but it was quite vivid – not least for being over two weeks late.


[Last night]
We're onboard a ship - a luxury liner. I can't remember if I was purely a passenger, or there for another reason. Either way I became involved in some sort of Special Operations/SAS action. We were there to target and stop a thief-ring (some kind of Hollywood-style gang out to do some big high-seas heist). We take them out, mainly by disrupting them rather than eliminating them, and once they're defeated, we offer them employment with us.
The viewpoint shifts, special forces and the recruits have gone, it's now just us passengers/survivors on the ship, and it overturns a la 'Poseidon Adventure'. But we're safe, just on a disabled boat. As we're gathering round for supplies (I think that, laughably, I'm the one directing people) the ship either runs aground on an island, or is attacked by pirate types. We repel boarders, mainly improvising our weapons. One person who breaks through is attired like Jack Sparrow (replete with tribal painting), the difference being, it's really a lass. She is defeated by some form of trickery.
[I think I woke up at this point, when I fell asleep again the dream was much more as if I was watching a film, but would become part of it.]
The Sparrow character had changed into some sort of manifestation of something metaphysical [annoyingly, I can't remember quite what it was, but for now will call it Meta] and looking for the manifestation of a particular plot device [?]. Meta was an insane being, very focused and highly desirous of the Plot Device - she was causing trouble, and in the end threatened a mouse to hunt down Plot Device by searching the libraries of the world.
Finally the mouse reaches the library of Morpheus (Gaiman's Sandman fame); however, Lucien has somehow become aware of this, the mouse is misled and departs without discovering that the Plot Device (which by now has become me) is there. The mouse leaves, and as the 'camera pans out', a stone can be seen on the ground which has carved into it something along the lines of "And Good Mice Do", there are also white mice clambering over it - the bullied mouse and its brethren are all dark browns and greys.
Meta departs anguished and looking quite middle aged now.
The next scene I see myself as the Plot Device as a bewildered and confused young man, not quite with it, sitting with a group on a hillside, to one side is the slope down, to the other either a cave or classroom. I'm asked to help some of the class who have special needs. Before I do, I walk away from the group to stretch my legs, in doing so come across Morpheus and Lucien walking the other way - they're chatting together (somehow I'm aware of what they have been saying before I turn up). Lucien has been complimenting Morpheus on how he foiled Meta, and thanks him (or I do, it's unclear at that point). In response Morpheus quotes a line from Roald Dahl's 'BFG' [which isn't actually a line from there, it just feels as if it is].
[And to finish with one of the cliches of the time - and then I woke up. It was 4.07 this morning, I frantically scribbled this dream down - hence the length and detail.]

I think this dream was in colour, if not, then it came with the impressions of colour; Meta invoked silvers and golds in swirls around her.
It was all rather strange

[1] - Showcase and Sainsbury’s – both locations I’ve been to before in my dreams – but each time the places are totally different from their actual structure. Instead, they are often more cavernous, more rooms/divisions, have more goods to them. Showcase dreams often revolve around the shop just closing down, or having closed down; I’m either helping clear out the stock and emptying the shop or there is no stock left, and this is the end. I never seem to have dreams of the shop still in action.
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