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I dream with Radio 4's Today

A common, but not very clever, trick of mine is not crashing until it's far too late at night/in the morning - less a case of insomnia, more circadian rhythms prompting me towards staying up into the wee hours. This also means that I'm not waking up easily in the mornings, and I have situations like today.

Very hard to easily describe this dream, but it was strongly influenced by the radio - there was some bits about the US Democratic Party's convention which slipped into my dream, but was taking place in some dreamlike supermarket (which I've been to before, whilst asleep). But then the main 8 o'clock interview took place - something to do with NICE guidelines on healthcare - and it blended with last night's New Tricks.

I was in an entrance foyer somewhere - a corridor going into this supermarket with stairs going down. I was initially an onlooker and then participant to a very odd chap (yoinked from New Tricks) being asked questions about medicare and flagrantly not answering them. I started off just watching, but got involved in trying to get him to answer the damn questions, and he'd ignore me (probably me vs the radio), but as he was doing this, he pulled out a pair of EMT scissors and was cutting away at me. All of us were trying to talk to him and deal with this potentially maniacal character.

That interview ended, and then the corridor was full of all of the winning teams from the Olympics, with an Arabic chap in the middle talking into a microphone (he was the Beeb's Sports person). I think my brain twigged that this was real life and that I was running late, because this was where I surfaced into consciousness.
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August 26 2008, 20:51:14 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  August 26 2008, 20:52:45 UTC

I have to admit that (from the dreams I remember) the media doesn't intrude too much into my noturnal meanderings. More often than not I'll be in some archetypal supermarket (working behind the scenes), sorting out a house or in some version of Comic Showcase as its closing down (and I still feel pangs of things I've amassed for that closing down sale that then ceases to be).

New Tricks is a fairly easy-going tv series about a group of nearly retired police officers (a little like Cold Case but with a few more laughs)

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