Liam (bigredcheese) wrote in cinematic_dream,

Why high school rivals, tiny biologists, and fish tanks don't mix.

I dreamed my high school arch rival showed up at my place. I was going to do all the horrible things I always wanted to do to the jerk and throw him out, but I realized he had dropped a tiny biologist in my fish tank. He was about an inch tall. He showed my fish how to reproduce at a much faster rate. More and more fish started popping up and maturing within minutes, and there wasn't enough space for them. I felt I had no choice but to grab handfuls of them and toss them in the trash. After doing this for a bit I noticed there didn't seem to be anymore fish. I had also thrown the biologist in the trash. I started putting fish back in the tank, and they seemed fine. I wanted to find the biologist so I could get him to make the fish quit reproducing. I was afraid to throw the high school rival out without knowing what happened to the biologist.
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Fish dreams have been an ongoing theme for my dreams. But I'm always trying to save them. Have you figured out yet what fish represent personally for you? Do you actually have an aquarium?
I do have an aquarium full of mollies, tetras, and snails. Not sure what they represent. My dream recollection went way downhill but has picked up over the last few nights.
Interesting, my dream recollection has also improved a lot in the past few weeks. My dreams have gotten more vivid again after years of dullness! Wonder why that happens.

I just wondered about the aquarium, cause I have had fish and snails all my life and always dream of rescuing fish, or unusual fish.
Wondered if someone with out and aquarium would dream of fish as often as us.
It's possible I dream of them much more than I realize. I have noticed over the last couple of days that minor details I picked up during the day have been influencing my dreams. I watched a Star Trek episode that had an aside about alien batlike pests, and I dreamed of large bats landing on the roof of a bus. Yesterday I had a conversation about guns, and a gun turned up in a dream. My recollection has been awful for a good while now, so it's nice to be getting it back.
Yup, those residual dreams of junk we've seen here and there. They seem like such a waste of dream time, but I suppose they have purpose too. I guess we can't fly in our dreams everynight, ha!
And regarding dream recollection: I used to keep dream journals. The more I wrote about my dreams, the better my recollection got, until I had filled up several books from cover to cover. I literally carried a journal around with me and wrote in it every spare moment I had at work and in college. I was recalling several dreams every night, and it got to be a bit much, as all I was doing was obsessively writing down my dreams. I had to stop. My recollection has never gotten quite that good since. I just realized I have been taking sleeping pills over the last week or two due to ongoing insomnia/waking up too early. I wonder if there could be a connection between that and my improving recollection?
Me too! I used to write every dream down from high school and a few years past art school! Recently I've gone back and read some. It's like my other life~ my dream life!

I suppose there could be a change in your sleeping pattern that would improve your recollection.
I wake up every 90 minutes, like I have some kind of sleeping disorder, but I just go back to sleep with no problem. So I googled it anyway and tried to find out if it was a sleeping disorder and I could only find one other guy who said it happened to him and he was asking if anyone knew what caused it.
Then recently I learned we all have several 90 minute sleep cycles in a night. It was sort of complicated, but basically you are better off sleeping less and completing less cycles than getting a full nights sleep and interrupting the last 90 minute cycle and then staying awake.