Liam (bigredcheese) wrote in cinematic_dream,

Why high school rivals, tiny biologists, and fish tanks don't mix.

I dreamed my high school arch rival showed up at my place. I was going to do all the horrible things I always wanted to do to the jerk and throw him out, but I realized he had dropped a tiny biologist in my fish tank. He was about an inch tall. He showed my fish how to reproduce at a much faster rate. More and more fish started popping up and maturing within minutes, and there wasn't enough space for them. I felt I had no choice but to grab handfuls of them and toss them in the trash. After doing this for a bit I noticed there didn't seem to be anymore fish. I had also thrown the biologist in the trash. I started putting fish back in the tank, and they seemed fine. I wanted to find the biologist so I could get him to make the fish quit reproducing. I was afraid to throw the high school rival out without knowing what happened to the biologist.
Tags: dream
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