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Nechtan Alba

Dreams are not always what we expect

Just a forewarning--many of my most lucid and powerful dreams have very strong religious symbolism. I offer these for the images.

The Fifteenth Dream:

17 January 2001: (First of two)

This is the time of darkness; the time of horrific nightmares.

One of the worst was last night. I purposely set it aside so as not to sear the detail into my head, nor to end up being sucked back down into it. The detail was very graphic, very gory and very life-like; it was one of those dreams where you see, smell, taste, feel and hear everything as if it’s totally real. This is one of the Nightland visions. I've had a series of them, as this was the Fifteenth, and I document them all.

I was in a dark, small town and there was something not right with the inhabitants. One inhabitant was a “Doctor Gideon” and he began setting up a complex ‘amusement’ for the increasing numbers of visitors who were flooding into the town. It was almost like a festival, but there was a camera crew present, filming everything that happened. A large, ramshackle building like a miniature round barn connected to a rectangular building was built. A dark, menacing tableaux; as I watched, the round portion of the building began to revolve, creating a kinescopic or zoetropic effect. The effect was flickery, grainy and dark; almost filthy. An agrarian scene, with Doctor Gideon walking naked in front of a scene that passed behind him, but his position never changed; much like those motion studies by Eadweard Muybridge. The scene moved past him—a flatland, a barn, a windmill, a cow...but never advancing. There was something demonic about it.

Doctor Gideon was very charismatic and appealing. The visitors to the town all began wearing masks, special effects makeup and facial appliances/prophylactics so that they looked like zombies or the raised dead, and then mixed in with the locals—who WERE dead, their faces rotting away, worms crawling free from the flesh, crumbling into graveyard dust as they moved. A barker began to cajole people to enter “Doctor Gideon’s Dumb-Dumb Show” [“stupid pantomime”? A program for the unwary?] and people lined up and walked into the building. I knew I was there as an observer and perhaps to fight against it—so I had on partial face appliances, too and tried to blend in. But God showed me that was I was seeing in the “Rotting Dead” was the actual state of each of their souls, and with a sudden shock, I realized that the Rotting Dead not only knew who was one of their own, but they knew which ones the Living were, and they hated them intensely. The Living were totally unaware of what they were trying to blend in with, who were around them or the “intentions” of the creatures that surrounded them. I also suddenly knew that the building hid an abattoir. I was grabbed before I could enter the pantomime building and was forced down by a small band of the Rotting Dead. I “froze” and pretended to be dead, but Doctor Gideon knew I was not only one of the Living, but sent by God, and he put a long, cold Bowie knife to my throat and slit it—I could feel the blade, feel the blood, feel the pain. Then I woke up as I heard the words, “Do not take on the appearance of evil’”.

Yeah, I’m that weird.

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