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cinematic_dream's Journal

Last Night I Had a Dream...
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This is an opportunity for people to post their bizarre, unusual, vivid, horrible, horrifying and/ or beautiful dreams.

Happy, sad, crazy, sexy, whatever - the only stipulation is that it is vivid, detailed and something you'd want to share with other people.

This is no dream interpretation site, no professional psychologists here - but if you request it, we'll take a shot.

On the other hand, if you just want to say "Wow, this was weird," that's perfectly fine and grand. Likewise: "Would this make a good film?" is acceptable, but we want you to post your own dreams, not film suggestions - there are plenty other sites, forums and communities set up for that kind of thing.

And yes, I had the idea for this while I was waking up from a particularly weird dream during which I was wandering around work trying to write a poem.