Simple Snail (simple_snail) wrote in cinematic_dream,
Simple Snail

Finally a Vivid Dream with Emotion and Feeling

As I've grown old (I am 53) my dreams have become less and less fantastic.

But last night I dreamt of a Victorian house. I could only see the room I was in with impressive arched and paned windows and an odd glass partition that seemed to be added to allow light in. It somehow made sense in the dream after I considered it and figured it out.

I laid comfortably in a small sunny room, with a ceiling that was taller than the room was wide or long, on a soft puffy white antique bed. I somehow found myself outside and believe I was on a flat grass covered roof of the house and could see I was up very high.

It was a beautiful sight of a distant steep hillside with a small waterfall until I looked down at the water below. There I saw what felt like a malevolent swirling whirl pool taking water away to some deep and unknown place.

End of Dream

Anyone want to take a shot at interpreting this dream?
Or does anyone have any input on how to get my dream life more vivid again?
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